Stock Tups

Hazelwood Tup
Broomhills Tup

Teviot Tup
Knockardie Blue Diamond
Cassington Rabbie
Nithsdale Bright Spark
Knockardie Rob Roy
Blackpark Braveheart ELITE


Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

Hazelwood Tup

Bought at Hexham as a lamb. He has breed some good show sheep, including the first prize gimmer
groupat the Penrith Progeny show Ayr show champion this year. Classified Elite Plus

BROOMHILLS TUP (V4) (Sire: Hazelwood out of ewe sired by a Broomhills tup)

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

Broomhills Tup
Broomhills Tup (V4)

Bought at Hexham as a lamb. We thought he was the best tup in the market. He has been used extensively over the flock and has bred very stylish lambs.

(Sire: Scrainwood (S41) and out of a ewe by a Carryhouse tup)

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

Teviot Tup
Teviot Tup

Bought at Castle Douglas last year for £3,100. He has bred well in the flock. He has tremendous conformation and strength.
Classified Elite Plus

KNOCKAIRDIE BLUE DIAMOND(Sire: Walton P9, out of a ewe by Knockairdie Triple Star)

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

Blue Diamond and a group of gimmers by Blue Diamond.

Bought at Castle Douglas in '00, he has pleased us in his first year by crossing well on Rob Roy's daughters. They are sharp blue and have tremendous skins, and are very correct on their legs.

CASSINGTON RABBIE (Sire: Knockairdie Rob Roy, out of a ewe by Blackpark Braveheart Elite)

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR


Out of our best breeding family, Rabbie was kept after Rob Roy's premature death to try and preserve his genetics. Rabbie was second in his class to the Overall Champion at Ayr Show 2000, and was also breed winner at a local show. He has left some outstanding gimmers.

NITHSDALE BRIGHT SPARK (Sire: Shafthill Sparky, out of a ewe by Hallmains Triple Crown)

Scrapie Genotype: ARR/ARR

Bright Spark

Bought at Castle Douglas in '99, and has consistently bred very sharp females. Bright Spark has been extensively used in the last two years in this flock and in others, and has never produced a black lamb. Due to the foot and mouth, we haven't had the opportunity to show his daughters.

KNOCKAIRDIE ROB ROY (Sire: Hallmains Triple Crown, out of a ewe by Knockairdie Super Star)

Daughters of Rob Roy

He was the best breeding tup we have ever had or likely to have. Rob Roy crossed very well on Blackpark Braveheart daughters, putting conformation onto these tall ewes. He has bred numerous show winners, including the '99 Progeny Show Reserve Champion.

BLACKPARK BRAVEHEART "ELITE" (Sire: Hallmains Triple Crown, out of a ewe by a penine tup)

Mules Sired From Braveheart

He was bought at Castle Douglas in '94, where he as Champion Shearling. Earlier in the year, he was classified Elite at the Progeny Show by Clark Lamont. Braveheart bred long correct females, and our all of our older ewes are by him.